CSAC mit neuen Weight-Cutting Regeln

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    • CSAC mit neuen Weight-Cutting Regeln

      Die California State Athletic Commission hat nun einen 10 Punkte Plan vorgestellt, die das extreme weight cutting unterbinden sollen. Der Plan wurde mit 6-0 Stimmen angenommen und wird bereits am 15 June umgesetzt. Die erste UFC Show die stattfinden wird mit den neuen Regeln ist damit UFC 214 am 29 July.

      Unter den neuen Regeln sind: Hoehere Strafen, ein 10% Maximaler Gewichtszuwachs vom weight in zum Event (also ein zweites Weigh-In am Fightday), sowie neue Gewichtsklassen (165, 175, 195)….manche Regeln wie das zweite Weigh-In am Fightday wurden schon vor 15 Jahren vorgeschlagen…aber besser spaet als nie…

      Die neuen Regeln sind:

      1) Requesting MMA fighters to select the lowest weight class in which to compete, and asking questions about weight cutting and dehydration to take into consideration prior to approving fights. The listed division must be declared safe by a physician on a licensee’s paperwork.

      2) A contestant who fails to make weight is fined 20 percent of his or her show money, with 10 percent going to the commission and 10 percent going to the opponent, in addition to a 20 fine of the contestant’s win bonus, with all of the money going to the opponent.

      3) Four additional weight classes – 165, 175, 195 and 205 pounds – to give athletes more choice.

      4) Policy changes to the way matches are approved with an emphasis on appropriate weight class.

      5) Weight class restrictions for fighters who miss weight more than once. Those fighters may be required to compete in a higher weight class until a physician certifies it’s appropriate and the commission approves.

      6) Continued early weigh-in procedure to allow fighters the maximum amount of time to rehydrate.

      7) A second weight check on the day of the event to ensure fighters haven’t gained back more than 10 percent of their body weight. Fighters who gain excessive weight may be asked to move to a higher weight class.

      8 ) Checks for dehydration by specific urine gravity and/or a physical by CSAC physicians.

      9) A recommendation of a 30-day and 10-day weight check for “high level title fights,” similar to those done by the WBC in boxing matches.

      10) Examination and education for matchmakers, promoters, trainers and athletes on offering, accepting and contracting bouts.
      Mark Nulty †2016