EVOLVE 94 Results

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    • EVOLVE 94 Results

      EVOLVE 94
      La Boom
      New York City,New York

      Singles Match
      Domenic Garrini besiegte Rayo

      Singles Match
      Chris Dickinson besiegte Jason Kincaid

      Singles Match
      Austin Theory besiegte Brandon Watts

      Singles Match
      Darby Allin besiegte Jarek 1:20

      Singles Match
      Tracy Williams besiegte Fred Yehi

      Singles Match
      Jaka besiegte Zack Sabre Jr.

      WWN Title Last Man Standing Match
      Keith Lee besiegte Matt Riddle (c)
      ---------> TITELWECHSEL!
      Ex WrestleCircus SideShow Co-Champion!
      "I've wrestled every Wrestler there is to wrestle in wrestling."
      "I come from a highly educated university, so when I come out and speak to these white trash I gotta dumb myself down"
      "You either die an Indie Darling or live long enough to see yourself become Cena"
      "Rollins is great at mixing kayfabe and real life. like remember that time when he cheated on his fiancee with a nazi? such a great heel."