Jack Swagger trainiert fuer MMA Debut

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    • Jack Swagger trainiert fuer MMA Debut

      Jack Swagger sagte nun das er fuer sein MMA Debut trainiert.

      “As of now, nothing is confirmed but I am definitely training full-on as if I were signed to one of the companies. I'm taking it very seriously because it is something very serious and kind of keeping close to the vest until there's something to announce.”


      Jack Swagger ist 35 Jahre, und hat einen Amateur Wrestling Background als All American, die jedoch nicht allzu lang ist. Bellator duerfte an ihm schonmal interessiert sein...
      The Shockmaster botcht sein Debut als er hinfaellt….
      Davey Boy Smith kommentiert das trocken im Fernsehen:“He fell flat on his fooking arse…”
    • Jack Swagger unterschreibt bei Bellator

      In News die man genauso voraussehen konnte, wie die naechste Ken Shamrock Niederlage, hat Jack Swagger bei Bellator einen Vertrag unterschrieben. Antreten wird er natuerlich unter seinem wirklichen Namen, Jack Hager. Hager wird im kommenden Jahr sein MMA Debut geben, und zwar im Heavyweight. Hager kuendigte ebenfalls an, dass er seine Pro Wrestling Karriere fortsetzen will, genauso also wie Bobby Lashley.

      Bellator President Scott Coker, der keine Moeglichkeit einer Freak Show auslaest meinte:“I’m excited to see Jake Hager debut for Bellator in 2018. When I heard he was seriously interested in competing in MMA, and when you look at what he did at the collegiate level, I was very interested in having him on our roster. I think Jake will expose new fans to Bellator from his previous run with WWE and he will be given every opportunity to prove that he’s the real deal inside the cage.”

      Das Level der competition in Bellator im Heavyweight Bereich ist so niedrig, dass er sicherlich Fights gewinnen kann. Hell, Bobby Lashley hat seine MMA Karriere seit 10 Jahren darauf aufgebaut nur cans zu fighten und hat einen bedeutungslosen 15-2-0 Record mit 15 Siegen gegen cans. Coke koennte noch Hager ins HW Tournament booken, selbst da gibt es winnable Fights fuer ihn….
      The Shockmaster botcht sein Debut als er hinfaellt….
      Davey Boy Smith kommentiert das trocken im Fernsehen:“He fell flat on his fooking arse…”
    • Jack Swagger zu seiner zukuenftigen MMA Karriere

      Ueber Bellator:
      “I really like Bellator and them as a company and how they are run. It’s a popular place for fighters to go to. It seems there has been a mass exodus from UFC-controlled contracts and I really like that especially coming from the WWE to have a little more freedom and feel a little more love as a talent. As far as why MMA, I have been a pro-wrestler for 10 years now but an amateur wrestler for 25 years. It’s really who I am and something that has been a part of me. I have been thinking about doing it for a long time and wanting to do it and combat sports is so popular right now. It’s really cool to see independent wrestling and professional wrestling growing and being so cool and MMA is exploding with all this competition. There are so many good rosters and with what these guys are doing in the cage is really phenomenal and cool to watch. It’s an honor to train for and be a part of.

      Zu seinen Chancen im MMA:
      “Most professional fighters have an amateur career, so I am going to have to rely heavily on my amateur wrestling career. I anticipate it’s going to be a similar mindset on how to train and prepare and how to go into a fight like it is going to be a division one collegiate wrestling match. I’m going to rely a lot on that especially with the technique. Just the experience I got working at colleges like the University of Oklahoma both in their football and wrestling programs. Some of the best in the country in strength and conditioning, preparing, peaking at the right times and taking care for your body. I think I really got my degree in that from there.“

      Ueber die Bellator HW Division:
      “Man, they really do have some great names. Big Country has been on the scene really making a name for himself. I just like that he has this different body type, but he can get in there and go and never gets tired. It’s really cool to see Feodor being a part of this. He is like a household name when it comes to MMA. I’ve been really impressed with Matt Mitrione. He’s a big guy but he moves very well and has great footwork. King Mo is another guy who wrestled at Oklahoma then went on to be an All-American for Oklahoma State but was a couple years ahead of me or around the same time. It’s really exciting to be a part of it and I think Bellator is doing a great job of marketing it and making it seem like a big fight feel. You add Chael Sonnen to anything and it’s going to kind of explode. It’s really cool and I am very excited to see what Chael Sonnen and guys like Ryan Bader can do in the Grand Prix. They are giving up a lot of weight, but they are in it and I’m sure they’re ready and they know what the game plan is. I think before I have any fight it’s hard to say what my dream fight would be or which one of those guys I would like to face first. I know I’m ready to fight so I am more looking forward to a date. Give me a date and the line starts here.“
      The Shockmaster botcht sein Debut als er hinfaellt….
      Davey Boy Smith kommentiert das trocken im Fernsehen:“He fell flat on his fooking arse…”