Die Tochter mimimi

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    • Die Tochter mimimi

      die unattraktive Flair, die nur dabei ist, weil Tochter der einstmals großen WCW Legende Richard Fliehr aka Rick Flair, kommt nicht an Kritik an ihrer schmalhüftigen, knabenhaften Figur zurecht. Besser als an der überbewerteten Position dieser Erbtochter kann sich der Niedergang der wwe nicht äußern:

      wrestlingepicenter.com wrote:

      Charlotte Flair doesn’t have time for people who want to take shots at her appearance, firing back at one such person who didn’t like how she looked on Raw. As reported last night, Flair made her return and reverted to a more heelish persona, attacking both Asuka and Rhea Ripley during their match on Raw.

      A Twitter user posted to say that Flair looked “like a stick figure drawn by a 3 yr old,” which led to Flair retweeting the (now-deleted) Tweet and writing:
    • ringsidenews.com wrote:

      “They found one other thing as well: audacity. The audacity to fine me. The audacity to physically remove me from MY RING and remove me from a building with MY NAME on the marquee. The fine? The suspension? Adam Pearce? All the same, a joke.”


      ich mag die Tochter nicht, aber wo sie recht hat, da hat sie recht. Es ist alles fake an der wwe aka wwf. Auch die Suspensionen. Siehe Nia Jax. Die $100.000 waren sicherlich auch nur Spielgeld vom Monopoly vom Aldi um die Ecke.
    • ringsidenews.com wrote:

      Charlotte Flair was indefinitely suspended from WWE after attacking referees. She was also fined $100k in storyline. We’ll have to see how long it takes for her to return, but it was reported that she needed to have some dental work done.
      Die $100.000 waren also nur Teil der Storyline. Auch die Suspension, denn wie man sieht, fragt man sich schon, wie lange es dauert, bis uns die unsympathische Tochter wieder langweilt.