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      ringsidenews.com wrote:

      AEW and WWE are both getting back on the road. They have touring dates announced for multiple cities and fans are starting to buy seats for those events. The biggest issue for WWE is that they are now behind AEW in terms of ticket sales per show. ... Dave Meltzer noted that WWE had a “very good first week” in Texas, and the Houston SmackDown show is doing well on July 16th. Money in the Bank is likely to sell out as well. The rest of their shows are not selling very well except for a RAW in Chicago at the All State Arena. AEW is beating them out in other markets. ...WWE also lost a lot of goodwill among the fan base during the pandemic. One controversy after another could have caused many to tune out. We’ll have to see if a return to live touring will bring them back as Vince McMahon’s company hoped
      als entschiedener Verfechter des freien Marktes kann ich es nur begrüßen, dass der Monopolist offensichtlich ins Wanken geraten ist. Nun müssen wir die Daumen drücken, dass ROH, Impact&Co rasch aufschließen, denn ein Monopol durch ein anderes zu ersetzen, bringt nichts.
    • ringsidenews.com wrote:

      While speaking on his podcast, Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette said that AEW’s growing roster might help AEW Dynamite defeat Monday Night RAW. He also added that WWE shows as of late continue to be self-destructive.

      “I got a sneaking suspicion that by the time they get finished with possibly getting Bray Wyatt and Ric Flair, along with Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, I think they can beat RAW at this point. I got confidence in them. Because anything created by WWE is rapidly self-destructing, and everyone shows up on the other channel, where they are presented as conquering heroes. I don’t care about the demos, I think they are gonna tighten up even further.”

      We will have to wait and see if the day comes where AEW Dynamite will consistently beat WWE shows in ratings, Jim Cornette certainly believes so.
      Jim Cornette, jaja, den Namen kenne ich noch aus den 90ern, als man ein paar Jahre wwf und wcw gratis bei mtv und dann dsf schauen konnte. Cornette klingt nach Trompete, aber in dem Fall hat er wohl recht. Mir würde es gefallen, wenn die ganzen Promotions von AEW, ROH, IMPACT! bis United Beerbrewer Wrestling an die Stelle der wwe treten würden und der McMahon Kindergarten Konkurs anmelden müsste, denn 20 Jahre Monopolwirtschaft waren 20 Jahre zu viel!