AEW DARK Elevation #44 Results

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    • AEW DARK Elevation #44 Results

      AEW DARK Elevation #44
      Daily's Place
      Jacksonville, Florida

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      Singles Match
      Riho besiegte Valentina Rossi mit dem Somato (Running Double Knee Strike) [3:33 min]

      Singles Match
      Andrade El Idolo (/w Jose The Assistant) besiegte JP Harlow mit dem La Muerta (Scissored Inverted Cross Armbar) [2:58 min]

      Singles Match
      Megan Bayne besiegte Leila Grey mit dem Tombstone Piledriver (Kneeling Reverse Piledriver) [2:42 min]

      Singles Match
      Scorpio Sky (/w Dan Lambart) besiegte Ray Jaz mit dem TKO (Fireman's Carry Cutter) [2:41 min]

      Tag Team Match
      The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) (/w Negative One) besiegten Mike Orlando & Shayne Stetson nach der Stunner / Bridging German Suplex Combo gegen Stetson [3:48 min]

      Singles Match
      Jake Atlas besiegte Serpentico mit dem LGBDDT (Top Rope Carthweel DDT) [2:19 min]

      Singles Match
      Skye Blue besiegte Angelica Risk mit dem Twisting Reverse STO [2:56 min]

      Singles Match
      Jay Lethal besiegte Troy Hollywood mit der Lethal Injection (Handspring Cutter) [3:56 min]
      "I've wrestled every Wrestler there is to wrestle in wrestling."
      "I come from a highly educated university, so when I come out and speak to these white trash I gotta dumb myself down"
      "You either die an Indie Darling or live long enough to see yourself become Cena"
      "Rollins is great at mixing kayfabe and real life. like remember that time when he cheated on his fiancee with a nazi? such a great heel."
      May the Bridges I Have burned light my way back home