GCW I Never Liked You Results

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    • GCW I Never Liked You Results


      GCW I Never Liked Youg
      Fete Music
      Providence, Rhode Island

      Singles Match
      Blake Christian besiegte Jordan Oliver [11:57 min]

      Singles Match
      Allie Katch besiegte LuFisto [9:58 min]

      Singles Match
      Kevin Blackwood besiegte Jack Cartwheel [13:22 min]

      Singles Match
      Cole Radrick besiegte Ninja Mack [8:36 min]

      6 Man Tag Team Match
      ASF, Drago Kid & Gringo Loco besiegten Kommander & Los Mazisos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) [9:02 min]

      Singles Match
      Joey Janela besiegte JT Dunn [15:53 min]

      Tag Team Match
      The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Mance Warner) besiegten Waves and Curls (Jaylen Brandyn & Traevon Jordan) [12:38 min]

      5 Way Scramble Match
      Tony Deppen besiegte Dustin Waller, Effy, Jimmy Lloyd & Marcus Mathers [8:12 min]

      Singles Match
      Will Ospreay besiegte Nick Wayne [18:59 min]
      "I've wrestled every Wrestler there is to wrestle in wrestling."
      "I come from a highly educated university, so when I come out and speak to these white trash I gotta dumb myself down"
      "You either die an Indie Darling or live long enough to see yourself become Cena"
      "Rollins is great at mixing kayfabe and real life. like remember that time when he cheated on his fiancee with a nazi? such a great heel."
      May the Bridges I Have burned light my way back home