ROH HonorClub TV #45 Results

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    • ROH HonorClub TV #45 Results

      ROH HonorClub TV #45
      Frost Bank Center
      San Antonio, Texas

      Singles Match
      Griff Garrison (/w Cole Karter) besiegte Serpentico mit einer Torture Rack Bomb [5:11 min]

      Singles Match
      Lance Archer besiegte JP Harlow mit dem Blackout (Inverted Crucifix Powerbomb) [2:09 min]

      Singles Match
      Dalton Castle (/w The Boys) besiegte Peter Avalon mit dem Bang-A-Rang (Spinning Double Leg Facebuster) [6:36 min]

      Singles Match
      Queen Aminata besiegte Maya World mit dem Juicy Lock (Koji Clutch) [4:01 min]

      3 Way Tag Team Match
      Shane Taylor Promotions (Lee Moriarty & Shane Taylor) besiegten The Boys (Brandon & Brent) + The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean) nach dem Marcus Garvey Driver (Package Piledriver) von Taylor gegen einen der Boys [4:12 min]

      Singles Match
      Red Velvet besiegte Alex Gracia mit dem The Mix (Corkscrew Kick) [3:17 min]

      Tag Team Match
      Diamante & Mercedes Martinez besiegten Leyla Hirsch & Rachael Ellering nach dem Air Raid Crash (Over the Shoulder Back to Belly Piledriver) von Martinez gegen Ellering [7:11 min]

      ROH World Television Title Match
      Kyle Fletcher (c) besiegte Willie Mack mit einem Kneeling Piledriver [11:03 min]

      Trios Match
      El Hijo del Vikingo, Komander & Lee Johnson (/w Alex Abrahantes) besiegten Gringo Loco & The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) mit einem Wheelbarrow into Twisting Sunset Flip von Komander gegen Gringo Loco [9:31 min]
      "I've wrestled every Wrestler there is to wrestle in wrestling."
      "I come from a highly educated university, so when I come out and speak to these white trash I gotta dumb myself down"
      "You either die an Indie Darling or live long enough to see yourself become Cena"
      "Rollins is great at mixing kayfabe and real life. like remember that time when he cheated on his fiancee with a nazi? such a great heel."
      May the Bridges I Have burned light my way back home